The investment and asset management team has more than 200 years of combined real estate investment experience. Our long tenure in the industry has helped us develop strong relationships with investment sales brokers, lenders, and owners in our target markets. Every financial decision is guided by the fact that we are investing our own capital to build a stable, long-term, multi-generational cash-generating investment platform. The company originally invested equity in its first six multi-family assets in the early 90s. All the subsequent and continued growth of the company has been generated internally, without the need for additional outside equity.

Investment Philosophy

A consistent long-term focus is the organizing principle that has guided the buy & hold strategy which has been employed throughout the company’s history. We apply a rigorous analytical process to drive all capital allocation decisions and continuously refine our underwriting, due diligence, and asset management procedures to create an orderly and repeatable investment process. This disciplined approach to real estate investment has helped us to avoid major pitfalls and successfully navigate multiple market cycles.

We are known as a successful and entrepreneurial investment company, with a firm commitment to business integrity, backed by a deep and diverse knowledge of commercial real estate and a history of solid financial strength.


We will continue to grow our portfolio by reinvesting a significant portion of our positive cash flow into new acquisitions. Future growth will be guided by a diligent focus on maintaining an appropriate balance between risk/return on all investments, maximizing after-tax cash flows, acquiring good quality assets, and hiring and retaining exceptional talent to strengthen our team.

Keys to Success


Decisions are guided by a clearly stated and effectively communicated set of objectives that serve to define a winning strategy.


A strong management team that implements the strategic plan which steers the company’s long and short-term direction.


Talented employees who embrace and enhance the organization’s strategic goals.

Cash Flow

Positive Cash Flow is the lifeblood of all businesses and is essential for growth and long-term stability.


The effective balancing of risk/reward with a focus on achieving appropriate risk-adjusted returns on all investments.


Consistency of purpose through adherence to a well-defined set of objectives and a long-term plan. As they say, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there!”